Welcome to Sbarc's Page

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service would like to introduce you to their new friend, Sbarc! Below you'll find downloadable fun activities and safety advice.

More fun and games with Sbarc

Colouring Pages

Sbarc enjoys colouring in and has prepared some pages for you!

Word Games

Sbarc loves playing with words, but needs your help with these!

Don't forget to share using #Sbarc so that we can see your handy work.


Fun & Games

Come and see what Sbarc has for you to do.

Can you help the Firefighter work their way through the Fire Service Maze

Can you help Sbarc find the Safe Toys to play with?

Activity Book

Download Sbarc's activity booklet with lots of fun things to do.

Sbarc's Activity Book

Wash your Hands With Sbarc!

It's important, especially now, to wash your hands properly, to help stop the spread of germs and to keep everyone safe.

Download the poster (PDF, 864Kb) and follow Sbarc's simple instructions.
Can you complete Sbarc's hand washing crossword (PDF, 4.3Mb)?
Sbarc needs your help to find the missing words in the Hand Washing Wordsearch (PDF, 4.8Mb).

Be SMART online with Sbarc!

Sbarc is always SMART when using the internet, download Sbarc's poster to help keep you and your friends safe when using the internet and mobile devices.

Download Sbarc's SMART Rules Poster (PDF, 717Kb).
Can you help Sbarc find all the words in the E-safety Wordsearch (PDF, 782Kb)?