Positive Action

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Our Commitment

Mid And West Wales Fire and Rescue Service have a strong commitment to equality and diversity both in our people within the organisation and in our services that we provide to our communities. We want to reflect the communities we serve and one way we can try to achieve this is through a policy of ‘positive action’. Positive action is activity which helps employers identify and remove the barriers and issues to the employment, retention and progression of people from ‘under-represented’ groups, whilst still employing people on merit. Positive action is not about giving some people more favourable treatment; it is about “levelling the playing field”.

Family Friendly

Flexible working hours

Third party discounts

Excellent annual leave

Our Opportunities

The most effective service is one that can help anyone, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity, level of ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, faith, relationship or parental status. The more diverse our staff and firefighters the easier it is for us to connect with and understand the needs of all the people we serve.

Register your interest
If you would like to register your interest for our next recruitment process please book onto one of events below for a taster of what the role of a firefighter involves. It is so much more than just fighting fires.

Other opportunities
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 to see how else the Fire Service contributes to the safety of our community.

What to expect

The aim of our 3 hour Taster Day is for you to learn about the various roles and entry requirements within the fire service, and the wider role that the fire service plays in the community, including:

  • the role of a modern-day firefighter
  • trying on the firefighting kit and equipment
  • the various aspects of the recruitment process
  • the importance of fitness and maintaining fitness
  • the various types of equipment and PPE
  • career pathways and role maps